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Chicago’s top kid’s hair salon was founded over 25 years ago by two moms who wanted to create a kid-first salon. A salon where parents and caregivers could get a great haircut, too, and maybe pick up a toy or hair care product so they could check a few things off their infinite to-do lists.

Write attention-getting-advice-giving blogs from the voice of my own mom experiences and shine a light on how KidSnips can make every parent’s life a little easier and a lot more fun!

Blog Samples

3 easy hacks to make you a family bonding superstar. 
TLDR: We all know quality family time is important. Good news: it doesn’t have to involve an expensive trip across the country or a fancy night out at the theater. It can be as simple as a walk around the block. Or getting your haircut together at KidSnips!
How NOT to fail at family bonding? Here are 7 surprisingly easy ways.
TLDR: With spring break coming up, here’s a week’s worth of ideas to keep your family bonding inspiring, affordable and fun … including some family styling time with haircuts for all at KidSnips.
Put yourself on your Valentine’s list.
TLDR: Self-love and self-care are things we don’t talk about nearly enough, especially with our kids. What better time than Valentine’s Day to teach our kids how to celebrate their beautiful and unique selves?
Cram your winter with cool-ness (and we’re not talking about the temperature)!
TLDR: Sometimes it takes something a little extreme (a Chicago winter definitely qualifies for that) to discover the silver lining of it all. So what’s the silver lining of winter? Read on for classic cold-weather favorites plus a whole lot of new inspiration for happiness-after-the-holidays for the whole family.
Winter hair care 101.
TLDR: At KidSnips, we want to help kids AND their grown-ups love everything about hair and hair care. Even in the middle of a Chicago winter! Though cold weather and dry air present challenges, they also present opportunities for new styles and options to really perk up a day that starts with below zero on the thermometer.
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