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Wright Foundation

The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential is a Chicago-based non-profit empowering leaders to engage in cutting-edge social and emotional intelligence to help contribute to a world that works for everyone.

Ghost write heart-opening, memorable copy for blogs, weekly emails, and SM posts from former co-founders Drs Bob and Judith Wright and COO Barbara Burgess. Create a consistent voice and tone for the Wright Foundation to promote biweekly webinars, special events, retreats, quizzes, and anything else that came up in the moment.

Social Media Posts

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Instagram Copy:
Stop apologizing for being you. 
Stop shaping yourself into what societal norms say is "right." Stop listening to any voice other than the one connected to your heart.

The dictionary definition of "authentic" is "genuineness; undisputed credibility." When you look at yourself in the mirror, is the person staring back at you credible?

If not, it's time to make some changes.
Instagram Copy:
Feeling conflicted about how to celebrate and give thanks this year?

I know I am. Here's what I think:

First, may our celebrations and gratitude be warmed by the loved ones in our lives.

Second, may they include a profound commitment to consciousness and responsibility so that we bring greater rationality and justice to each person and each organization we interact with.

This Thanksgiving, let us leverage our blessings toward a world that works for everyone in:
Dr. B Thanksgiving post 2.png
1. Healthcare 2. Food 3. Education 4. Shelter AND an infrastructure that allows all of us to become the most loving human beings we can become. Peace to you, your families, your communities, your neighborhoods, and your home.
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Instagram Copy:
I haven't twirled a baton since high school, but I sure had fun showing off my drum majorette self at our staff outing!

You know when someone snaps a photo of you, and it lets you see yourself in a new light? Or a brighter old light?

That's what this photo does for me.

I see my joy, my silliness, my spontaneity, my willingness to put myself out there a little more than I might be comfortable with... and, how much more FUN it was than my fear told me it would be.

Do you have a favorite photo that lets you see your truest self? 

What is it about that photograph that captures that?

Please share it with me in the comments below.


Why are We Here? Forget the Meaning of Life.  Focus on the Meaning of This Moment 
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TLDRWhat do we want out of life? For most of us, a sense of purpose is high on our lists. But how do we find that? By stepping back and looking at the larger picture of our yearnings. These universal longings can lead us to everything we’ve always wanted for our lives, including our purpose!
How Great Can Your Life Become? You Get to Decide
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TLDR: “What do I want to do with my life? And how much can I determine how it turns out?“
It's a great question with a great answer: You can decide how you want your life to be and then take steps to create it. Choosing to have MORE life is not limited to your career or your relationship; it only requires ONE decision.
Craving Couplehood?  Afraid of Never Finding Love?
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TLDR: How do we get over our fear of never finding love? Here is the short answer: Be more loving. The long answer? It could be that the real fear is never finding love with ourselves and becoming the most loving people we can become. If you think you already are, think again—does your love come with hooks? Either way, changing our perspective can change everything.
How to Go on Vacation, and More Importantly, How to Come Back from Vacation
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TLDR: Taking a truly successful vacation that leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and re-focused (even if you don’t get a life-directing dream!) is a creative activity with three phases: Preparation, Vacation, and Re-Entry.

Email Campaign

Hawaii Nurture Email Campaign
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sampling of a 36-email nurture campaign written to create joy and excited for participants of a spiritual pilgrimage to Hawaii in November 2022. Here's one example:




“Aloha is when you have to say goodbye, but you want to leave a piece of you behind because now you have to go home.” 

—Sera, age 7



In the 1900s, visitors who traveled to Hawaii by boat would throw their lei back into the ocean as the ship passed Diamond Head.   


They hoped that, like the lei, they too would return to the island again someday.


Our western mindset is too often focused on what we can take with us from our travels. How beautiful to flip it to, what of ourselves can we leave behind in gratitude?



Maholo (thank you),


Drs. Judith and Bob Wright

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