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We can't live

      without words.


We can't buy, sell, fall in love, evolve, honor, resist or persist without them.


We can't express, impress, address, or finesse without them.

To say I live to find the right words is not an understatement. Whether for a mission-driven-social-impact company or humans celebrating other humans in a million different ways for a million different reasons.

Finding the essence of a business, a relationship, a heartache, a loss, or a threshold moment is my favorite job.


Saying more with less is my superpower.

Who better than a poet with a degree in marketing to put words in your mouth, on your website, across your social media, in your newsletter, email, or blog, as a tagline, for a speech, or in a commissioned poem to honor a human who has changed your world in some way?

cin_meka headshot-large.jpg
Many people can write copy. What I most appreciate about cin is her willingness and ability to team in a relationship to create a voice and copy that reflects your message or brand. She commits to doing the work with her clients to get them where they want to be and then consistently delivers.

Barbara Burgess

Founder Partner of Corluma Consulting

(I have amazing clients)



ASK: Write attention-getting-advice-giving blogs from the voice of my own mom experiences and shine a light on how KidSnips can make every parent’s life a little easier and a lot more fun!



ASK: Name a new nonprofit and create branding to entice and inspire potential donors.

Plantidd Brand Intro_v3.jpg


ASK: Ghost write heart-opening, memorable copy for blogs, weekly emails, and SM posts from former co-founders Drs Bob and Judith Wright and COO Barbara Burgess. Create a consistent voice and tone for the Wright Foundation to promote biweekly webinars, special events, retreats, quizzes, and anything else that came up in the moment.



ASK: Develop a website to help build awareness and speak to specific target audiences, including family, community, educators, and service providers. Create content to frame the work positively—to not focus on the victim but help target audiences see themselves as empowered protectors—the first line of defense to decrease the emotional energy barrier to engagement.

Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 1.59.58 PM.png


ASK: Write sassy, click-worthy website, newsletter, and SM copy that captured the salty flair of Johanna’s new branding and powerful socially conscious commitment.

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